As travelling is discovering, it is interesting to visit a country by focusing more on its cuisine. Indeed, each country has a traditional cuisine that determines its image and that of its population. And since cooking is part of a country's cultural and historical heritage, what better way to discover a territory than on a gastronomic trip. You can find the interests of culinary tourism in this article.

Why is culinary travel trendy?

In recent years, culinary tourism has become a very trendy phenomenon that is attracting the interest of holidaymakers. There is so much so that travel agencies now offer tours dedicated to the gastronomic discovery of a destination. Indeed, these types of trips and discoveries are very popular with tourists, because as a traveller, you always enjoy discovering new cultures. And what better way to learn a little more about a country's cultural and historical richness than to taste its local cuisine. Moreover, choosing a culinary tour is not only about tasting local dishes. You can also meet local producers; get an overview of the different culinary traditions or production methods such as farm farming or agriculture. In short, culinary tourism can present different leisure activities for holidaymakers depending on the destination chosen.

Sustainable and responsible tourism

It is clear that tourism contributes to a country's economic development. But the trend of travel and discovery devoted to cooking can bring more benefits to a country, whether economically or culturally. Indeed, it is a means of promoting the authenticity of a place, its culture and also the history of a territory. It is also a type of tourism that takes into account the economic, social and environmental impacts of a country. With the promotion of local food products, the regional specialities of a destination are promoted and could lead to many opportunities for local inhabitants. Not to mention the fact that gastronomy can be a very lucrative business, and therefore can contribute to job creation. This is a fact that is a great advantage especially in developing countries. Finally, with the help of travel bloggers, it is easier to find the culinary destination of your choice. Their sharing can become very interesting, especially when it comes to new discoveries that may be of interest.

Each country has its own emblematic dish

Whether you want to taste fish and chips in England, typical American steak burger or locally made couscous and tagine in Morocco, the choice is vast when it comes to travel and gastronomic discoveries. But Asia remains the leading destination for this type of tourism. The countries of Asia, although similar, are not entirely similar. Between Japanese sashimi and amok trei in Cambodia, there is something for everyone if you want a culinary getaway in Asia. Feel free to consult the travel blogs to find out about interesting destinations for your next holiday, whether you are a food lover or just want to know about other countries to visit.