Food tourism in Asia

Discover India through its gastronomy

Besides escaping for the simple pleasure of travelling, going to India is also a means of exchange and sharing. It is one of the best opportunities to leave one’s own environment to go to other horizons in order to meet…

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Culinary tourism: between cultural and gastronomic discovery

As travelling is discovering, it is interesting to visit a country by focusing more on its cuisine. Indeed, each country has a traditional cuisine that determines its image and that of its population. And since cooking is part of a…

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Gastronomic activities in Southeast Asia, a delightful gourmet treat!

Eternal food, you will have understood it, gastronomy is very often my first and last contact with the local culture during a trip. It is also my way of starting a dialogue with the city I visit, an introduction at…

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Thailand, a food paradise

There are varied and spicy spices, vegetables at will and simple and effective recipes, not to mention derisory prices for fresh produce on every street corner. It’s hard to ask for anything better, don’t you think? In fact, what I…

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Trends in culinary tourism

Well-spoken events, restaurants as ephemeral as a piece of cake, boiling street food and friendly buzzwords among residents, all spiced up and shared by ingenious bloggers! Social dining In this collaborative economy, where the notions of sharing, discovering others, “good…

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