Since I have been exploring Europe more and more from Switzerland, I have noticed that if I always cross borders very quickly, I also lose my network very quickly. If you're like me, you don't like being separated from your phone and everything it connects you to for too long! In our country of residence, this is generally not a problem, since we have access to the local network; but how do we make a call or send a text message when travelling in Europe? Wi-Fi calls are not something new, but it is not yet very well known (my friends had never heard of them before). This very useful option is available on most, but not all, current phones. Wi-Fi call will only be possible on your phone if both your phone and your operator allow it. Visit if you are interested in learning further more information about Wi-Fi calling. The Wi-Fi call allows you to use any Wi-Fi network to which you can connect to call or text anyone; as if you were calling them from your country! This option can also be used at home if you have problems picking up the network. So, the next time you're quietly installed in the basement of a bar or café that doesn't have reception, all you have to do is connect to the local Wi-Fi network to make a phone call or send SMS messages! It is possible that the Wi-Fi call is disabled by default on your device. In this case, you will need to go to your phone's settings to activate it (if both your phone and your operator offer this option).

How to activate Wi-Fi call on an Android phone

Android phones are not all configured in the same way and there may be differences between phones and depending on the version of the operating system but here is the basic method:
  • Go to settings, click on "more..." or "more settings" in the "wireless and networks" tab
  • You should see a "Wi-Fi Call" option to activate
If this method does not work, look for "Wi-Fi call + your phone model" on the Internet for instructions

How to activate the Wi-Fi call on an iPhone

For Apple users, the process is a little more tagged, since all iPhone allow the activation of the Wi-Fi call in the same way. Warning: iOS 10.3 or higher is required.
  • Open the "Settings" app
  • Choose the "Phone" entry
  • Press "Wi-Fi Calls on this iPhone" to activate them
Now, the "Wi-Fi Call" option should be enabled! You can now make and receive calls anywhere in the world with your Wi-Fi connection. In many cases, you will not be confronted with long distance calling or roaming charges, but be careful, this is not always the case (see tip n°2). While there are many applications that allow you to use Wi-Fi to make calls and send text messages (Skype and WhatsApp are the best known), Wi-Fi calls allow you to use your usual phone number, and you don't have to download yet another app on your phone. In addition, it can allow a smooth transition between your usual network and Wi-Fi if it is interrupted.

Tips and tricks

Wi-Fi calls only work on certain phones, with certain operating systems and for certain operators. Thus, you will often need recent models from the largest mobile phone manufacturers, such as (among others):
  • iPhone 5c and above
  • Samsung S6 and above
  • Other brands such as Sony, Huawei and HTC, etc. depending on your operator
Some operators may charge you for long distance calls - and sometimes not, so check it out!