For me as a blogger, having the Internet on the move is a necessity. This is what allows me to stay in touch with you, send nice pictures and write to you in my blog. And besides the professional aspect, having the Internet on the road often makes life easier: no need to rent a GPS during road-trips, Mom can even contact me on video if she wants (and when she knows how to do it), we keep access to all kinds of very useful applications; in short, being connected has revolutionized my trips. So I have a few tips and tricks that I'd be happy to share with you in this post, but to do even better, I asked my fellow bloggers to share theirs with you too! 8 Travel Bloggers have kindly answered the call and share their good tips and information to get the Internet on the move around the world. Europe, Canada, Japan, Uruguay, Bolivia, Pacific Islands, New Zealand or Australia, free, paying, cheap, you will know everything you need to know to enjoy the web all over the world!

A Wi-Fi box that makes the Internet easy to use when travelling

For us, the best plan is to take a Wi-Fi box or a mobile Wi-Fi device with us before departure; you can visit if you wish to learn more information about a portable Wi-Fi router. Some companies such as Phenix Telecom ship the box directly to you after ordering it over the Internet, and it operates in more than 110 destinations. It's perfect for people who travel to different countries. As soon as you cross the border, simply restart the box and it will connect to the local network. During our last trip to South Korea we were able to activate the box as soon as we got off the plane and thus have Wi-Fi absolutely everywhere in the country (even in the subway!). It is really convenient to consult the internet during the day (find your way, book a hotel etc...) and in addition the box has a good autonomy. Nevertheless, the data per day is not unlimited, and at some point the throughput decreases. So it's a good option to access the Internet on an ad hoc basis, but not to watch your favourite clips on Youtube! Back in France, it is enough to send the portable Wi-Fi back via the envelope provided and pre-paid very convenient!

A Wi-Fi box to recover when you arrive in the country

Depending on the countries you travel to, having Internet access in addition to your mobile package is more or less useful. Either because you are in Europe and therefore your French package works without extra cost for the web, or you can easily wait to be connected to Wi-Fi. But when the country in question has a language and writing very different from yours, having the Internet in your pocket is quickly useful to find your way or make yourself understood. During a 3-week trip to Japan in 2016, I used the Pocket Wi-Fi. The principle is simple; it's a 4G card in a Wi-Fi box. 4G is shared via Wi-Fi on your smartphone, tablet... Several people can be connected at the same time. This box with autonomy of about ten hours follows you during the day (it was in the backpack for my part). Where the service is really well thought out for the customer is in the overall operation: you book the Pocket Wi-Fi over the Internet when you prepare your trip, you pick it up directly at Tokyo airport when you arrive. The implementation is simple.  At the end of your stay, you drop it off again before boarding. It cost me about 100 € for 3 weeks. It saved me from having to find a local SIM card, understanding how it works and allowed me to have a connection all the time.

A SIM card to have internet when travelling

When we were preparing our roadtrip in Europe, we were wondering about the Internet on the road. We hadn't planned anything at the base, thinking that we would enjoy Wi-Fi in some places. Then we came across a very interesting free private sale. For 2.99 euros, the famous low-cost operator offered a package with unlimited sms/calls, 20GB of Internet in France but especially 25GB per month abroad! This was valid in Europe but also in Canada, the United States and New Zealand (see the complete list on their website). It is currently at 19.99 euros per month, but don't hesitate to take advantage of private sales to subscribe! So we were able to use the Internet in New Zealand but also during our roadtrip in Europe! When we couldn't enjoy Wi-Fi, we would share our smartphone and post articles on the blog, or power our social networks without any problem! The connection was rather good, and much better abroad than in France. For just 20 euros you can use the Internet almost anywhere in the world thanks to this Free package, which is also free of charge! A godsend not to ruin yourself in a travel package, but still to enjoy a reliable Internet connection!

Internet when travelling: consult the premises to see the best deals

Internet when travelling is both what I am looking for and what I am avoiding. Because as a blogger you need the Internet to travel and as a traveller I like to disconnect. So as a traveling blogger I'm caught between the two. Often I settle for WIFI in public places and accommodation, but this time in Uruguay I played it differently. I stayed longer in the same place and didn't have internet, I had to be able to work so I turned to the solution: buy a SIM card. There are two main companies and I am advised to use one "there are good offers in their countries". I do it and buy a SIM card without any commitment and this is the jackpot! I am offered a special offer "Christmas and New Year's Eve", for 6€ I am entitled to 30 GB for 10 days. It's far too much even with three phones and a computer connected to it. I think I was lucky but when I want to renew there is already a new special "summer" offer: 7€50 the 40Go for 10 days...