For many expatriates in Thailand, having a reliable Internet connection is a priority not only for professional reasons, for digital nomads or new entrepreneurs, but also to stay in touch with relatives back home. The Kingdom has a long list of Internet providers, especially in major cities such as Bangkok. You will therefore have a wide choice of Internet packages for your home and mobile. As the world of technology changes rapidly, start by taking stock of your needs and doing some research on the different Thai suppliers, their offers and services. Once there, you will be able to find the one who will consistently meet your wishes in terms of budget, speed, etc.

Pocket Wi-Fi Thailand - 4G Premium Wi-Fi High Speed Internet

Premium 4G pocket Wi-Fi offers an unlimited package to avoid high roaming charges when travelling abroad. The new high-speed Internet experience with a fixed rate per day - at no extra cost! Starting at $4 a day! The new high-speed Internet experience with a fixed rate per day - at no extra cost! Check if you want to know what is a pocket Wi-Fi.

What to expect?

Stay connected, at any time and nowhere. A 4G Pocket Wi-Fi 4G premium have an unlimited plan in Thailand

What is the Wi-Fi pocket?

A mobile Pocket Wi-Fi, also called MiFi, is a small wireless access point that connects to the Internet via a mobile network and broadcasts a Wi-Fi network that allows any Wi-Fi enabled device to access the Internet quickly and securely link. - Max. Download speed of 150 Mbps - Max. Download speed 50Mbps

The different options available in Thailand

In the context of a long-term expatriation to Thailand in the long term, you will probably surf the web regularly. To save money, don't waste time and money in cybercafés, invest in a local SIM card and a Wi-Fi router for your home. You can also set up a Wi-Fi access point in your home or simply use an Ethernet cable. If you wish to take out an Internet package for your home, ask your landlord for advice. This is important because services may differ from one region, neighbourhood, building or supplier to another. For a monthly fee, you can get closer to the main Thai suppliers, namely 3BB, TOT, True, DTAC and AIS. However, keep in mind that new players in the market can offer a less congested network and more bandwidth than older networks.

The Internet subscription process in Thailand

In Thailand, there is no need to wait very long to connect to the web! For example, you can buy a SIM card with high-speed Internet access at the airport for 300 baht. Please note that you will need to provide the following information: your name, country of origin and a copy of the passport, so that the supplier can register the mobile number in your name. To connect your home, go to the shop of the supplier that suits you and choose the package you need. Present a signed photocopy of your passport and non-immigrant work visa, a copy of the registration of the property you are renting, a signed copy of the owner's Thai identity card and a photocopy of your rental agreement. The salesman will propose you a schedule for the technicians' visit a few days later. If the modem is free, plan the installation costs! If you do not speak Thai, don't panic, the Staff is generally English-speaking, especially in Bangkok's shopping malls.

Internet cafés and Wi-Fi in Thailand

If you do not want to connect your home, you can use your phone or your own laptop in shopping malls, restaurants, cafés and hotels, especially in tourist destinations, where Wi-Fi connection spots are available. Alternatively, you can sit in an Internet café, where the connection is charged by the minute or hour. Prices will vary depending on whether you are in a tourist district, in the central business district or in the suburbs. Internet connection speed in Thailand In Thailand, the speed of Internet, Wi-Fi and mobile connections has greatly improved. Cellular data can reach 10 GB for a modest price. As long as your data remains within your package, you will benefit from the maximum speed sold by the provider. Excluding the fixed price, it will be reduced.