Diving, relaxing and feeling good, that's the motto of OCT Travel Philippines in Sabang/ Puerto Galera in the Philippines. Since now almost 8 years, we organize trips to Sabang Beach/ Puerto Galera and other destinations in the Philippines. We only work with the best dive centers along the lines of "diving with friends" together. Puerto Galera is one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the world. The abundance of macro marine life per square meter calculated here surpasses even the famous lying ahead of Australia "Great Barrier Reef." You are saying, not without reason, Oriental Mindoro belonging to the most beautiful macro paradises of this world ! That’s why Puerto Galera is a "must" for every macro photographer! Whether seahorses, pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, frog fish, shrimp and of course all kinds of sea slugs, they are there to see here regularly ! In the diving courses from beginner to professional, you learn more as it is described in textbooks, environmental protection and preservation of the beautiful dive sites is at the instructors and guides at the top. So there's no "pack diving" in our selected dive centers but in small manageable groups of up to 6 divers per guide can get to know her, the beautiful diversity of Sabang Beach / Puerto Galera. The dives are customized to your level and you can dive from more than 30 different dive spots, and all are waiting to be visited by YOU. [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="large" ids="20,19"]